Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Drop Boxes

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court just gave Americans a huge election integrity win. 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled 4-3 against the use of ballot drop boxes for the April election.

From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A closely divided state Supreme Court ruled Friday that it would allow a lower court decision to go into effect that will ban the use of ballot drop boxes for the April election.

Drop boxes can still be used for next week’s primaries and it’s possible the high court will change course and allow them for other elections.

While a final decision is yet to come, Friday’s 4-3 ruling suggests the use of ballot drop boxes could soon come to an end in Wisconsin. Drop boxes became popular during elections in 2020 as the coronavirus spread across the state

The case appears to hinge on the views of Justice Brian Hagedorn, who was elected with Republican help in 2019.

Last month he joined the liberals in the 4-3 decision that said the drop boxes could be used in February. In Friday’s decision, he sided with the court’s conservatives.