Trump Responds To Ben Sasse Resigning

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RINO GOP Senator Ben Sasse is expected to resign his seat before the midterm elections.

Conservative Brief reported:

A leading Republican senator is expected to resign his seat, according to a new report on Thursday. The news comes with roughly a month before crucial midterm elections will decide whether President Joe Biden will have an opportunity to continue implementing his agenda or if he will essentially become a lame duck with two years to go.

Politico reported that Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who is not known to be a huge supporter of former President Donald Trump, will accept a job as a president of the University of Florida in the near future.

Donald Trump responded by celebrating the news.

Truth Social: 

Great news for the United States Senate, and our Country itself. Liddle’ Ben Sasse, the lightweight Senator from the great State of Nebraska, will be resigning. If he knew he was going to resign so early in his term, why did he run in the first place? But it’s still great news! The University of Florida will soon regret their decision to hire him as their President….

….We have enough weak and ineffective RINOs in our midst. I look forward to working with the terrific Republican Party of Nebraska to get a REAL Senator to represent the incredible People of that State, not another Fake RINO!