Report: How The GOP Establishment Is Plotting To Stop Trump In 2024 – “2016 All Over Again”

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The RINOs are scared of Donald Trump once again winning the GOP nomination.

A new report highlights their strategy.

Part of it: they are trying to get some candidates to bow out to increase the chances of one candidate winning.

Politico reported:

“It,” in this case, is the possibility that once again Donald Trump will prevail over a splintered Republican field, getting the same 30-40 percent he received in the early primaries in 2016, enough to win the nomination. “He,” is a Republican donor and bundler, a Wall Street financier who regularly hobnobs with senior Republican officials but who also was, uniquely for his tribe, an early and enthusiastic supporter of Trump. His request for anonymity speaks to the bizarreness of this political moment, where even one time staunch supporters of the former president are reluctant to say out-loud what they and their cohort all say privately: That should the former president win the primary again, he would be very likely to lose again to Joe Biden, even as some polls show him besting his 2020 rival.

It is a comment echoed in interviews with dozens of Republican party members, donors, strategists and grassroots leaders, many of whom say it is the conversation they are all having privately among themselves too — how to make sure that Trump doesn’t once again take advantage of a split field and walk away with the Republican nomination, costing the party not just the presidency but a chance to retake the Senate and hold on to the House. Just this week, both the Koch Brothers-affiliated Americans For Prosperity and the anti-tax behemoth Club for Growth signaled that they were looking to rally around a Trump-alternative. And with the Iowa Caucus now just 11 months away, party insiders say that this question — how to stop Trump — is the one they need to find an answer to before too many contenders start piling into the race.

There may be no convening authority, but there are conversations among donors and party activists who point to how on the other side of the aisle, in 2020, nearly the entire remaining Democratic field dropped out almost at the same time and endorsed Biden. Republicans fret that there is no equivalent of a Nancy Pelosi or a Jim Clyburn in their party who can apply pressure to the dreams of would-be presidents. Still, donors are talking now about pooling money together once the primary gets under way in earnest and a true Trump alternative emerges.

This is 2016 all over again.

Jack Posobiec responded to the report by saying, “the establishment will be taught a lesson.”

Steve Bannon said, “the forces of evil gather…to take down Trump and with it MAGA.”


Signal not Noise —the forces of evil gather now on the horizon plotting to take down Trump and with it MAGA

A recent poll dumped cold water on the idea of even a single candidate being able to beat Trump.

According to a poll from premisedata, Trump leads the primary in a crowded field and head-to head-against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Interactive Polls:

2024 National Republican Primary

Trump: 57%
DeSantis: 28%
Pence: 5%
Cruz: 3%
Haley: 2%
Cheney: 2%
T. Scott: 1%

Trump: 56%
DeSantis: 36%

If the GOP spent as much time going after Democrats as they do Trump, America would not be in the position it is in!