Another Dem Quitting Congress–Will Run For New York Governor Instead

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The 2022 midterms elections are looking worse and worse for Democrats.

That is why many are fleeing Congress.

Rep. Tom Suozzi(D-NY) has officially announced he is quitting Congress.

He will be running for New York Governor instead.

From The New York Daily News:

Rep. Tom Suozzi is running for governor of New York next year, potentially harming Gov. Hochul’s chances in the already crowded Democratic primary race.

After weeks of speculation, Suozzi was expected to officially announce his 2022 gubernatorial bid in a virtual press conference on Monday morning, sources close to the Long Island congressman told the Daily News.

Suozzi, a two-term congressman with a centrist legislative record, could pose a thorn in the side of Hochul in that they both occupy the moderate lane of Democratic politics.

By contrast, the other two declared candidates in the 2022 race, State Attorney General Letitia James and city Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, have situated themselves on the progressive flank of the Democratic political spectrum.

This is the 18th: